We have been processing the best salt in Sardinia since 1967

Our factory is engaged in processing salt from the salt pans of Sardinia using artisanal methods. Sardinian salt is esteemed throughout the world for its organoleptic chemical quality. We produce salt for all uses and in all granular sizes based on our clients’ requirements

Salt for use with food

The quality and characteristics of sea salt depend on the quality of its providence as well as on its degree of refinement. Originating from the uncontaminated waters of the crystal sea of Sardinia…
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Iodised salt for use with food

“Iodin” sea salt with added iodine. This can be obtained thanks to a specific production process which enriches iodine salt. As suggested by the Ministry of Health…
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Natural sea salt

Not dried, it maintains its natural moisture. It has an intense flavor donated by its trace elements that compose it. With calcium…
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The aromatics

Mixtures of natural sardines with quality herbs and spices we strictly selected. Without artificial flavors or other additives…
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Salt for Industrial Use

Destined for use in the softening of water for swimming pools and for other industrial uses in various sectors including construction, industrial conservation of food, industrial textiles, chemicals and zoo-technical…
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Salt for road de-icing

We also provide salt for de-icing roads that are capable of melting ice and snow and help to prevent their accumulation. The product is mostly used for the removal of snow and ice…
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Where does our salt arrive?
From the Sardinian salt basins, within a Nature Reserve recognized by the Ramsar Convention as an area of international value for the presence of avifauna. The Park’s ecosystem is one of the most important sites in Europe for stopping, wintering and nesting of many species of water birds. Among the best known of these is the pink flamingo.

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