Build mighty castles, recruit an army and expand your empire across the globe in Stronghold Kingdoms – the world’s first castle MMO. We designed Stronghold Kingdoms to be the first fully fledged PvP (player versus player) strategy MMO RTS for mobile devices. Build at least 12 Guard Houses (aka Barracks) first. Sep 7th, 2020. Step 1. Step 2. Learn More. When available research Fletching, Command 2 and Long Bow. Strategy … For example, you can start focusing on everything that relates to farming, then start working on trader research trees to take advantage of all the extra resources that you can gain from farming. Skip to content. All of these systems are really in … Your Stronghold Kingdom building strategy is mainly based on your pick of research points as well as the strategy that you want to focus on. Continue to read on to my Stronghold Kingdoms build to success in the next paragraph for different types of path that you can potentially take to become the best in game. In terms of the research, the bottom line is that you should master the entire research tree that tailors to your build, instead of being a jack of all trades. Patcoola’s Beginning Strategy Guide, a quick guide to getting started like a pro in Stronghold Kingdoms. At the start of the game, everything is cheap and fast to build or research, latter on things will that hours, even days. The official Facebook Messenger App. By optimizing the land use, density, and type of your Stronghold Kingdom village buildings you can generate more resources and operate the taxes at higher efficiency and capability. Be always ready to respond … You can check out my complete Stronghold Kingdoms research tree table for details about each of the in game available research. Upgrade the Dairy Farms, it is better to put your research points into one producer than to split your points between two as each research point will provide a huge production increase. 7 posts • Page 1 of 1. Try the latest version of Stronghold Kingdoms 2020 for Android. Download for . This is especially true in Stronghold Kingdoms, you can net profit when you sell high and buy low for the different resources. This guide will help you to become one of the best and strongest players in Stronghold Kingdoms. Cards are global and can be used on any of the game Worlds. PRESS KIT. By being diplomatic in game, you have more chances of building yourself up to withstand attacks from other players. If you are completely new to the game, this is the best place to learn all the basic features. Based on the type of Stronghold Kingdoms research build that you are focusing on, each with different Stronghold Kingdoms rank up timing and research timing. In Stronghold Kingdoms you will start from the lowest. Following my guide,you will be able to reach a high Rank in a short period of time in Stronghold Kingdoms,but remember,I am showing you the basics of starting a Rank and Popularity gameplay,I am not showing you the fastest way to become Alderman,because there is a faster way,you can become Alderman in 6 Day,it took my 8 Days but on the long term you will get a lot of honor by following my … Tips: Woodcutter’s Huts have to be placed by the trees, the closer the Hut is to the stock pile the higher the daily wood produced will be. Because the research and village building is quite limited and become exponentially harder later in the game, it is essential for you to pick a path and style of playing. When the time is right, you will have to lead the players in your parish and country to fight off enemy attacks. Choose how and when to play vital strategy cards. If possible, put points into philosophy as soon as your Stronghold Kingdoms rank unlocks it. Pick Your Stronghold Kingdoms Build. The game’s depth and scope go beyond that of the regular Stronghold games and is guaranteed to keep your mind firmly lodged into medieval times for a long, long time. When your castle is not fenced you will have negative village popularity points, when you peace time runs out, if this happens then peasants will leave your village. Play Now. We designed Stronghold Kingdoms to be the first fully fledged PvP (player versus player) strategy MMO RTS for mobile devices. It is a good idea to research Arts as it will help you gain honor points, but it’s your choice. Because the research production bonus are usually overlapped by multiple skill trees, this makes production specialization very important to trading. All comments are reviewed before publishing. Have some mental values that you assign each of the resources, just like in real world, you can gain profit when you buy low and sell high. Stronghold Kingdoms Forums. You can join hundreds of thousands of players in a rich world of Lords, Ladies, Bumpkins and Barons as you build your village, research new technology and strive to be the greatest in the land. These stronghold Kingdoms building strategy can be mainly categorized into the following divisions: Farmer, Banqueter, Robber baron, Monker, Scouter, AI killer/ military, and lastly trader. CAREERS. Live the life of a medieval lord in Stronghold Kingdoms, the world’s first persistent castle MMO. Really take the time to study the effects of each research, plan how you want to spend the points. Written by Firefly Studios. Your goal is to continue building, advancing, and winning to achieve your own personal Stronghold Kingdom goals. The most detailed guides for Stronghold Kingdoms How To are provided in this page. Each application hosted on xDroidApps has age restrictions. When Banqueting becomes available, put in three points. At the start, build four to five Woodcutter’s Huts and four Stone Quarries. A unique PC Strategy game, Stronghold Kingdoms brings together online interactivity and community, with a richly-depicted medieval world and thousands of real world players. In Stronghold Kingdoms you’ll have multiple elements to master from economic to military and even political. These are basically all you need for a long time, they are cheap, fast building, better than wood. Build one Hoval when you need to increase your village’s population. Stronghold Kingdoms - How to Make Money. There will come a time where you will have to lead other players in game to achieve your own game play agenda. If you guys don't mind sharing some new world starting tips and what you do to level up … Starting as a humble peasant, each promotion brings with it valuable research points to spend on trading, diplomacy, warfare, farming, … Increasing food rations to 4X and lower village taxes to negative, when you gain the honor points, set things back the way you want it. Learn More. Downloads. Sometimes you can tell when players have gone inactive, at this time you can attack them to earn the various resources that you need. To trade to win, you will almost always trade your Stronghold Kingdoms resources at a profit. Lastly, you can always purchase additional Strategy cards to help you further in game process faster. Plan early in the path of your research is essential to become the best player in the game. Please do not forget to share … Stones produce less than wood. Facebook Messenger. Live the life of a medieval lord in Stronghold Kingdoms, the world’s first persistent castle MMO. Best Strategy Download MMO - MMO of the Year Nominated - European Games Award. To rank up, you require 10 honor points. You will have an average army of around 60 Crossbowmen and 50 Knights. No Data. You will have to optimize different village factors such as food and resource production, as well as taxation versus popularity (honor gain). Check out the entire Firefly Studios franchise on Steam. Download Stronghold Kingdoms: Castle Sim Mod APK 30.139.1688 with full version . Translate this page to: Strategy Welcome to the Stronghold Strategy section. Game Information; ... Strategy 3- Defence is the best Offence. By rank 10 you would of spent a total of 7 research points on Banqueting. Build mighty castles, recruit an army and expand … 234.12MB. No Data. To donate to a parish, view the parish village, click an upgradable building and select the amount of resources you would like to donate. You are now ready to start defending your castle with Archers. Mod Games; Mod Apps; XAPK; New Mods; ... A cross-platform strategy game, Kingdoms invites mobile and desktop players to battle together online by thrusting the Middle Ages and famous Stronghold characters into a persistent MMO world. It should cost you about 850 wood. Apple Orchards produce the smallest amount of food among all the farm types, so it is important that you maximize the apple production. Put only one point into Hunting, Carpentry, Metal Bashing and Tailoring. A fully upgraded Hoval allows for 20 peasants. Stronghold Kingdoms: Castle Sim (Package Name: com.fireflystudios.strongholdkingdoms) is developed by Firefly Studios and the latest version of Stronghold Kingdoms: Castle Sim 30.139.1776 was updated on October 28, 2020. Guides » Stronghold Kingdoms - How to Make Money. At the start, build four to five Woodcutter’s Huts and four Stone Quarries. Play Now. How to Become Best Top Player in Stronghold Kingdoms The Power of Research for Stronghold Kingdoms. Banqueting is a bit of an expensive investment, but if you manage your village well and your research points you can gain an honor points advantage over other players and rank up much faster during the first few days. ... May 21, 2015 3:41 pm ^Title. I agree with these terms and authorize that my comment is legitimate. Play for free! This require keen observation in the game for you to realize and notice the player’s villages around you in game. Maxmodapk. This application is a Strategy Android Game and has been installed on more than 1,000,000+ devices. Therefore, it is to your own personal best benefit if you can keep a good relationship from those around you. By carefully timing the time when you finish building, ranking, and other actions in the game, the careful planning will surely lead you to be the best player in Stronghold Kingdoms. Sign up for beta invites for upcoming titles, exclusive giveaways and news. Firefly Studios. By this point you should already have all the requirements for training Archers and you are about to build a Bakery for bread production, you will only need to build two as they produce the largest amount of food. Research new technologies to gain a vital edge. So ask yourself what your goal is in the game before you start\advance! Below are a whole array of tips to ensure your castle stays standing! Fence your village’s castle, although you are not required to do so till your peace time runs out, it’s go to do so right away. You can either win or lose when it comes to trading. Do not be afraid to become a leader in Stronghold Kingdoms to achieve the various goals that you have. A competitor keyword analysis is a great way to find the best keyword opportunities, and solidify your content marketing and SEO strategy. 28.6%. Take your enemies head on in Stronghold Kingdoms: Castle Sim with BlueStacks. It is even more true towards the later part of the game, you will gradually take out the lower level buildings that provide you with weaker resources, as well as buildings that are not optimized with Stronghold Researches. Content : NAT II's Art of the Defensive Siege Six techniques to aid your defensive seige. Production rate of this building may be increased by further researching Hops Farming, Plough and Brewing, and by upgrading the Brewers' Guild in the parish capital. ... Start Your Free Trial. Get Early Access. Build the Stone Gate House first. Learn More. Then, you will need to conserve your points to determine a path of development that suits your strategy and game play style. Stronghold Kingdoms. ... A cross-platform strategy game, Kingdoms invites mobile and desktop players to battle together online by thrusting the Middle Ages and famous Stronghold characters into a … [More Details and Advice: Stronghold Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide]. ... Start another feast with only 7 Pigs, which must be near the Keep, or if the Kitchen … Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Thirt-party copyrights and trademarks featured on this site are owned by their respected holders. ... you can also specialise with a vast research tree. Build Stone Walls around the Keep. If you have found these Stronghold Kingdoms tips helpful, for sure to check out our other Awesome helpful Stronghold Kingdoms guides. Nuecho Strogonar Posts: 8 Joined: Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:12 pm. Eliminate tearing and stutters by enabling High FPS as supported by the game. How to; Articles; Video How To; Latest; ... Home; Stronghold Kingdoms How To › Stronghold how to. Stronghold Crusader HD. Tips: Stone Quarries have to be placed on the stone areas, the closer the Quarry is to the stock pile the higher the daily stone production will be. Beware as your power grows so does your … This is one level more advance than simply being diplomatic. If you fail to maximize your apple production, your village popularity will not get the apple food bonus as you have no apples in storage. No Data. Download the Game . If you invest in scout speed, you can easily gain 512 honor point for uncovering and unidentified a resource stash on the map. Step 3. Saturday, November 17th, 2012, By Patcoola. Stronghold Kingdoms how to play without cards in a new world. Stronghold Kingdoms is the medieval online castle strategy game by Firefly Studios. The Team Player Quest, if you’re playing on a newer World that doesn’t have so many players, then you’re in luck as older Worlds already have every building in the parish village upgraded and you won’t be able to complete this quest. I recommend putting a total of four research points into Fortification, this will give you access to stone walls and a stone look out tower. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Please let us know if any of these guides have helped you! In this guide we will touch upon the different aspects of the game that can make or break your in game strategies. Comments must be related to the page topic, must not be spam, and must comply with the criminal code of Canada. It’s your choice to research scouts and upgrade their speed. Try to help others and get others to help you. Sometimes instead of leading the group, you can instead play as a team player. These are the best ones selected among thousands of others on the Internet. Category: Games Release date: 2020-10-29 Licence: Free Software version: 30.139.1230 File size: 213.94 MB Compatibility: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista and Mac OS X 10.7 1 Getting Started 2 Launching the client and logging in 3 Tutorial 4 Locating your Village 5 Peacetime 6 Interface 7 Main UI Tabs 8 Village 9 Village Sub-Tabs 10 Placing Buildings 11 Popularity 12 Honour 13 Research 14 Ranks 15 Strategy Cards 16 … Forum for all Stronghold Kingdoms Users. Recommended age for Stronghold Kingdoms MOD is 3+ years. Note that by entering your email address and clicking 'Sign Up' you are giving Firefly Studios permission to email you with … Tips: Hovals should be placed next the Town Hall. Because your land is a limited resource in the village, you will spend time to optimize the building placement of your village. Language. Another way for you to win at trading is to fully optimize yourself for one of the resources, and sell your surpluses for the other resources that you are weak in. … You can quickly gain these points by increasing you villages popularity for a short amount of time. Latest News. This strategy is all about defending your Castle. I have only just joined into the europe 3 map, and as a new guy, was wondering what is the best way to start off? Tip: Cards gained from quests will add to your card collection, which can be used in any of the game Worlds, this means you can play in every world and gain cards to be used in a world of your choice. Stronghold Kingdoms, 9.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings . Stronghold 2: Steam Edition. You are now ready to play the game as you wish, and enjoy knowing you’re doing better than the other new players whom are most likely to quit after the peace time runs out. I have been saving my cards and began to look at the research tree for what might be a good starting strategy. The basic is that you should not rank up until you have used all of your research points. Note: Donations are defined as packets, for example one packet of wood is 1000 pieces of wood. Stronghold Kingdoms is a strategy game to play on the Internet in the company of hundreds of players, each with their own kingdom. Your first rank up, this will allow access to new research opportunities and an additional three research points. You cannot win if you are constantly getting hammered from opposing players (in most cases). At the beginning of the game, quests are not to be passed up as the rewards will give you just the boost you need to get an advantage. Although it may seem that the amount of peasants doesn’t change much at the start of the game, you’ll notice the number difference more with a fully upgraded Hoval. Stronghold Kingdoms. Starting as a humble peasant each promotion provides valuable research points to spend on trading, diplomacy, warfare, farming or religion. SUPPORT. Game Information; SH Kingdoms Tutorials; SH Kingdoms Walkthroughs; SH Kingdoms Gallery; Stronghold 3. Traffic Sources ... % Search Social Referral Direct. "An online version of a classic, complete with massive sieges and politics" - GamesRadar "Stronghold Kingdoms is probably one of my favourite MMORTS titles" - Engadget "A rich massively multiplayer strategy game" - GameWatcher Stronghold Kingdoms is a massively multiplayer grand strategy game and the first ever online Stronghold! and can no way do that on my own, without experience or … ... with all your contacts – fast and easy. Starting as a humble peasant, each promotion brings with it valuable research points to … An introductory tutorial will guide you step by step to learn how to exploit the natural resources of the environment and create your own castle with an army that protects you from attacks from other players. Date. Therefore, most likely you will be able to make new friends using this application. Welcome to the Stronghold Kingdoms™ Beginners' Guide. as i would like to make this my permanent world, i hope to make no mistakes as i lvl up etc. Plus if you don’t use the goods for honor points you can sell the goods at market for a great price. By constantly trading to win additional gold and resources, you will be able to advance faster and become top of the player as a strong merchant in Stronghold Kingdoms. English . Without planning ahead in your research, you will end up spending millions of gold at later stages to make up for the differences. Stronghold Kingdoms does deserve the honour of being the world’s first castle building MMO and it does -despite its presentation- do it well. The closer it is to the inn, the more productive it will be. You don't need to have the highest rank to be succesful in this game, or to help fellow clan members, or even to fight AI. When you first start the game, you are given a bare bones village, 8 research points, 30 popularity points for a very limited of time and five days of peace time. View the brand new Stronghold Kingdoms trailer in dazzling HD. A unique PC Strategy game, Stronghold Kingdoms brings together online interactivity and community, with a richly-depicted medieval world and thousands of real world players. Download Stronghold Kingdoms 30.139.1765 for Android for free, without any viruses, from Uptodown. Website written and designed by Patcoola 2019, some rights reserved. Cookies policy, I do not use cookies other than Google Analytics and AdSense. Read Competitive Analysis. Philosophy will lower the cost of all of your future research and thus pays for itself almost immediately. Create Win-Win relationship with your Stronghold Kingdom neighbors, setup alliances with the nearby houses. Pre-Register Now For Stronghold Kingdoms Mobile Posted on November 9, 2016 November 22, 2016 Claim your ‘Baron’s Beginner Bundle’ of card packs, points, tokens and shield charges at launch! If you’re new to Stronghold Kingdoms or have a question about the game, check here for useful advice. Are the Pig's macemen too quick for you or the Wolf's swordsmen too tough? It is a part of playing the Stronghold Kingdoms game diplomatically. Diplomacy (real player diplomacy, not the research diplomacy) is key to success in the game. See what castle life was like in a living, breathing medieval world. Author. Once you have masted a specific build, you can then work on the others to make you stronger with a sub build. SHA256. Stronghold Kingdoms aims to change up the classic MMORTS formula by focusing on wars between medieval castles all across ancient Europe. Build one Hoval when you need to increase your village’s population. The main downsides for having a high rank are: ... To maximize this strategy, you should max … Before this building can be placed, players must research Hops Farming in the Farming tab of the research tree. Play For Free. Stronghold Kingdoms Research is the most important thing that can make or break you game play.