“Iodin” sea salt with added iodine
 This can be obtained thanks to a specific production process which enriches iodine salt.

As suggested by the Ministry of Health the best method to assimilate iodine is by substituting the salt that we use every day with iodinated salt (“Iodin”) in order to guarantee the amount of daily iodine necessary for the prevention of all illnesses that may be caused by its deficiency.

Iodine is an essential oligo-element that is present in the human body in a quantity of around 15- 20 milligrams. It is indispensable for the functioning of the thyroid, a gland situated in the region of the front of the neck, whose function, most importantly plays a role in the development of the nervous system, in bodily growth in sexual maturity and in the regulation of the metabolic process of the organism. A deficiency of iodine is demonstrated by ailments which can become very serious especially for the foetus and for babies. They are due to damage to the central and peripheral nervous system of the endemic goitre (enlargement of the thyroid) hyperthyroidism, obesity, a slow metabolic rate, hardening of the arteries etc.

Fine iodised “Iodin”
Available in packs of 1, 25, Kg big bag T 1/1, 25

Coarse and Medium iodised “Iodin”
Available in packs of 1, 25, Kg big bag T 1/1, 25